We are here to help anyone who has what they believe to be

paranormal activity in their home.


Ghosts and Girls Paranormal

Ghosts and Girls Paranormal  

So, You Think You Have A Ghost In Your House

If you are experiencing what you believe to be paranormal activity, it may well be.

But not everything is paranormal, there may be a logical simple explanation for what you are experiencing.

The first thing you need to do is rule out what it’s not.

Are the lights flickering off and on?

Are home electronics turning off and on?

Do you feel like you’re being watched?

First you need to check your bulbs in light fixtures to make certain they are seated. Make certain that the plugs are securely inserted into the receptacle.

Check your home for electromagnetic fields that are greater than 1. There is an app for your android that can measure the EMF levels in your home. Elevated levels can cause you to feel like you are being watched or make you feel uneasy.

If all of the above are normal then you can eliminate the normal every day causes.

Does the energy in the home make you feel uneasy?

Does the air feel heavy?

Are objects being moved?

Are you hearing voices or footsteps, seeing apparitions or being touched?

Are you being poked, slapped, scratched, pushed or does the touch feel gentle or comforting?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then you can be certain its paranormal.

Then you will need to contact us to have us come out and do a walk thru of your home to determine just what kind of activity you have in your home.